After finding out that you are pregnant, a task that proves even more challenging than those first few months spent battling with morning sickness is finding the right obstetrician. Every expecting woman wants to know that she has the best ob to see her through the pregnancy and delivery.
The resounding concern amongst most pregnant women is finding an obstetrician who respects their wishes. For instance, most labouring mothers want their request for pain relief honoured as opposed having their request denied after being a stern “lecture.” However, most also want to follow the informative advice they get with regards to what is best for their pregnancy.
All these concerns make the process a tasking one, but you can undoubtedly find the right obstetrician in Melbourne.

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Where Do You Intend To Give Birth

In most countries, there is the option of delivering in a public or private hospital. Australia is not any different, and the first step before looking up an obstetrician is to decide if you want to give birth in a private or public hospital.
More than likely, private practice doctors keep sessions at public hospitals. Most women find that choosing a local public hospital that offers maternity services is less expensive than a private care facility. Remember that you want to choose an environment where you will feel cared for both during and after birth.

However, there is still the option of finding a private obstetrician who can deliver your baby at your preferred healthcare institution.

The Anatomy Of The Right Obstetrician


When it comes to finally settling for obstetricians, it is a process that ends up largely driven by personal preference. Several elements affect your decision, and it makes sense to have a firm idea about the kind of doctor you need before setting out to look for one.

Doctor-patient Relationship

Some women want an open kind of doctor-patient relationship where they are informed about everything concerning their pregnancy and involved in every decision. It perhaps means a “friends-like” approach to the process, and going for a younger and more approachable physician rather than an older old-fashioned doctor.
Others are fine with a need-to-know type of doc-patient relationship and allow the professional to handle decisions that require clinical judgments. Likewise, some women do not have a problem being told what to do rather than being asked what they would like to do.
For instance, if there are risks or complications with the pregnancy some women would prefer to go with their physician’s judgment on the issue. Others would prefer second opinions to make the best possible decision when faced with such situations.


Yes, obstetricians specialize in pregnancy, childbirth, and reproductive health. However, some have more skill and experience handling particularly challenging pregnancies.
Worth figuring out is whether you need an obstetrician who can handle multiple or high-risk pregnancies such as East Melbourne Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EMOG) do. There is the chance of going into early labour and having a preterm baby. Perhaps you had an existing medical condition that could affect your pregnancy and delivery; you want to make sure that the ob can provide the assistance and care you need.
There is also the matter of whether you want a vaginal birth or an elective cesarean delivery. Circumstances can once again affect your choice and call for a cs delivery in emergency situations. It helps to maintain a given level of open-mindedness about it, and also find an ob with experience to respond efficiently to either case.


Some obstetricians are just in high demand meaning that they may not be available during your delivery. Most women feel comfortable sticking with one obstetrician until the very end. Sometimes it proves impractical based on the obstetrician’s schedule.
A few also work in group practices which means that your obstetrician might not be the one delivering your baby. They might have a rotating roster just to avoid pulling extended long hours meaning less fatigue/stress.
It helps to know that the practice has a team of great obstetricians. It means that you will be fine under their care regardless of who you see during pregnancy and who delivers your baby. However, it might factor into cost, with out of pocket charges going falling on the higher side.

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Contacting Obstetricians

When you do have a clear picture of the type of obstetricians you want to work with, you can go ahead and “interview” a few. It helps to start with recommendations or even revisiting the past. If you have worked with an obstetrician before, you may consider working with them again.
Friends and relatives always prove resourceful when it comes to recommending physicians. You can come up with a few names and numbers to call. It does mean taking a direct approach and asking all the questions you would like to know about a specific obstetrician.
Midwives are also an excellent resource to find out more details that you would not uprightly ask.  You can call in and ask about an obstetrician who can help you through active labour and deliver vaginally. It does not put the midwife in an awkward position, and they can provide a list of doctors.
It does not hurt to talk to mothers and other expectant women. They are likely to be more forthcoming about previous experiences with specific obstetrician regarding a doctor-patient relationship.

The Take-Away

These guidelines should give you a helping hand in finding the right obstetrician in Melbourne. There is the chance that you might settle for an obstetrician and later feel like they are no the right fit. It helps to be forthcoming and raise your concerns to see if you can get past the issues or misunderstandings.
For instance, you might have to deal with the obstetrician’s receptionist a lot when you call, and you want them to be equally understanding. If they continuously do not put you through to the doctor or is not sensitive enough when needed. It can create an uncomfortable and stressful situation for you which at times cannot be solved beyond choosing to go for another obstetrician.
Remember that you want a stress-free experience during pregnancy and after, therefore, do not feel like you are tied to an obstetrician and instead focus on receiving the best care for you and your baby.

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